Our mission is to enhance the educational opportunities in the Upper Freehold Regional School District through the identification and development of community partnerships and private resources. These collaborations will inspire academic excellence and a positive learning environment that would be otherwise unavailable due to budget constraints.

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The Fall 2007 Grants Have Been Awarded

Elementary School Grants

Four Elementary School grants were awarded for $2,572:

  • Boardmaker - Software to allow teachers of special needs students to access more than 4,000 visual symbols/pictures for communication purposes (Allison Tate/Kristine Thompson)
  • Book Club - After school reading program for 5th graders (Victoria Greenfield/Christina Guzman)
  • Confratute - Workshops for teachers of gifted children to help them meet the needs of high-level learners. (Karen Schumacher)
  • SOLO-CO-Writer - Computer license and software tool that helps students in grades 3-12 w/learning difficulties to build skills in reading, language arts and completing other course work (Rachel Rondinelli)

Middle School Grants

Two Middle School grants were awarded for $1,375:

  • Breezeway Gardens and Habitat Project - Landscaping(science) (Lauren Olsen)
  • NJ 35 - Awareness campaign (signs, t-shirts, etc.) to help students develop an awareness of the dangers of smoking (Antoinette Carrea)

High School Grants

Three High School grants were awarded for $4,875:

  • Adopt-A-Platoon - Shipping costs to send care packages to Allentown high school graduates and enlisted men who are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq (Brian Myslinski)
  • Enthusiastic Reader Program - Promote literacy by recognizing high school students who read independently beyond the classroom (Yvonne Van Hise)
  • Interactive use of the TI-Navigator System Plus Graphing Calculators - Hardware and software that will allow high school math students to use graphic calculator technology which will lead to understanding of complex data so they can interpret, interpolate and extrapolate conclusions from data patterns (Paul Soohoo)

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