Our mission is to enhance the educational opportunities in the Upper Freehold Regional School District through the identification and development of community partnerships and private resources. These collaborations will inspire academic excellence and a positive learning environment that would be otherwise unavailable due to budget constraints.


The Spring 2007 Grants Have Been Awarded

Elementary School Grants

Three Elementary/Middle School grants were awarded for $3,030.00: 

  • Hands On Measurement (3rd Grade) - This program will provide hands-on science and math experiences for students, both in the classroom and at home, while increasing the amount of contact time each student receives with the materials. It will expand the range of tools that are available for instruction and consequently will allow teachers to incorporate new elements into measurement lessons and projects.
  • Bells!Bells!Bells (grades 4-6 music classes with optional 7-8 grade participation in concerts) - Funds from this grant will be used to purchase a set of Tone Chimes (hand bells) to add to the existing collection. The tone chimes offer a valuable assistance for meeting the state’s music curriculum standards in reading music (melody, rhythm, harmony, etc.) Purchasing this extra set would allow all students in the class to participate at one time rather than waiting their turn.
  • Classroom Clickers (Elementary/Middle School) - One set of Classroom Response System (Classroom Clickers) will be made available to all teachers, along with training, so that all students will be offered the benefit of CRS. The “clickers” are interactive remote-control devices that allow each student to participate in class, answering every question. The students find lessons more engaging, and they are more participatory, even those who are shy or afraid of giving the wrong answer. Students and teachers get immediate feedback about their answers. Teachers are able to instantly assess the understanding of their students and determine which students need extra assistance in exactly which areas.

High School Grants

Five High School grants were awarded for $5,470.00: 

  • TV Production teleprompter - Funds will be used to purchase a teleprompter and tripod system for the student run television studio in the high school for the purpose of professional looking productions. The teleprompter will be utilized daily in the production of A-TOWN Live morning announcements to the students and staff, and by students in the Television Production classes. It will also be used in the production of informational and instructional videos for the district and for public promotions such as the Middle States video and Back to School Night.
  • EBASE - Funds will provide students in the EBASE program an opportunity to plan and execute trips to businesses in the area in order to learn more about different businesses, their culture, and their business operations. The Entrepreneurial Business Academy for Service and Experiences (EBASE) program is designed to prepare students to be successful business leaders.
  • Promoting Parental Involvement at the Secondary Level - The AHS Parent Academy will host a parent education night at the high school focusing on increasing parental involvement. The target audience includes all parents of students K-12 in the Upper Freehold Regional School District and members of the Allentown and Millstone communities. Grant funds will be used to hire a motivational speaker.
  • Merchants of Cool - Grant funding will provide two digital camcorders so that students can create advertisements and other media assignments that are woven into the curriculum.
  • REBEL/Lifesavers Club Weekend Retreat - This grant will be combined with funding from the Allentown/Upper Freehold Municipal Drug Alliance to allow ten additional students to attend the REBEL/Lifesavers Club Weekend Retreat in October 2007. This retreat focuses on assisting members to become positive ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, or Other Drugs) role models at AHS. They will learn valuable ATOD information and learn how to help others remain ATOD free.

Keeping the Community Focused on Kids’ Education

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Keeping the community focused on kids’ education


"Fore the Kids" Golf Outing

On Monday, October 16, 2006, the Upper Freehold Regional Education Foundation (UFREF) held its first major fundraising event, by participating in a "joint venture" partnership with the Millstone Township Foundation for Educational Excellence (MTFEE) : the "Fore the Kids" fifth annual Golf Outing & Dinner, which was held at Forsgate Country Club. It was a picture perfect day and was extremely well attended.

The idea for this joint venture began a few months back when the trustees of the UFREF met with Laura Wittman, president of the MTFEE and a few of her fellow trustees, and they generously offered to share this signature fundraising event with us. From our early days as a fledgling education foundation, Laura has been one of our biggest supporters and has served as the perfect role model. The experience afforded to us by Laura and her team was priceless and we will always remember their kindness and generosity.

At the time of this writing, the net proceeds from this Event have not been finalized, but half of the proceeds are to be credited to the UFREF for the benefit of Allentown High School students. While this was the first fundraising event for the UFREF, other future events will be designed to benefit the students comprising the Upper Freehold Regional School District.

Many, many thanks go out to all attendees, sponsors, volunteers, and community supporters. Without you, your selfless dedication, tireless support and generosity, none of this would have been possible.

While this was truly a team and community-wide effort, extra special thanks must go out to Barbara Nissinger, who served as the Event Chairperson representing the UFREF, as well as her incredible A-Team. Barb´s unbounded energy, dedication, attention to detail, tremendous organization and interpersonal skills contributed greatly to the Event´s success. Through hard work, sheer determination and an extensive support network, Barb was the Force that held it all together and kept us focused on moving forward.

There are so many people who gave of themselves, their time, their energy and their talents that I do not want to risk missing even one name - but you know who you are. We are grateful for your contributions and are very much appreciative. Because of your efforts, our community and our children are better off today than they were yesterday.

With deepest thanks from the UFREF,

Jim Derasmo Acting President, Upper Freehold Regional Education Foundation

P.S. - if you would like to volunteer, or learn more about the UFREF, please visit our website.


Allentown High School Participates in Robotics Competition

Allentown Redbird Robotics begins its second year joining F.I.R.S.T Robotics (www.usfirst.org) competitors from all around the globe. Last year was a banner rookie year for the Robotics team at Allentown High School consisting of 17 core students who took the team to the championship in Atlanta Georgia.

This year we are already on our way towards a great season. Look for us at the Allentown Harvest Festival where our team will be giving the public a chance to try your luck at driving our robot in our booth on Lakeview Drive. We will also be competing on November 4th in the North Brunswick Eruption at the North Brunswick High School at our first Post-season event. The new competitive season begins with our kick-off on January 6th when we will be given the new game and begin our next robot design. Come out to Sovereign Bank Arena on March 1-3 to share the excitement and cheer us on.

Last year our funding came in the way of donations and grant monies. Participating companies included Bristol-Myers Squibb, NASA, TAH Industries, and local businessman and former board of education member Robert Cheff (representing Chase Manhattan). This year the team hopes to gain funding from some of these sources and from new donations and grants. The team will be partnering with the Upper Freehold Regional Education Foundation (www.ufref.org) to provide prospective sponsors with a tax-deductible means of supporting us. All interested parties should contact the team advisor Mr. Robert Wicks at Allentown High School. For more information, phone us at 609-259-2160 or send emails to: wicksr@ufrsd.net.


New Education Foundation Seeks Volunteers, Funding

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New education foundation seeks volunteers, funding