Our mission is to enhance the educational opportunities in the Upper Freehold Regional School District through the identification and development of community partnerships and private resources. These collaborations will inspire academic excellence and a positive learning environment that would be otherwise unavailable due to budget constraints.


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The Spring 2008 Grants Have Been Awarded

Elementary School Grants

One Elementary School grant was awarded for $1,116:

  • Brain Pop - Computer software license for educational "game type" software for grades K-8. The Upper Freehold Regional School District will put it into their budget for the 2008-09 school year.


Middle School Grants

One Middle School grants was awarded for $408:

  • Way Cool Game of Science - Computer software for middle school science program which provides a science review of material that follows NJ Core Content Standards.


High School Grants

Three High School grants were awarded for $3,500:

  • Fatal Vision - Two sets of goggles for middle school physical education program that demonstrate how alcohol impairs normal functioning.
  • Peddling Our Way to Fitness - Rental of 30 mountain bicycles for 3 week High School Physical Education program on lifetime physical fitness
  • Lifesavers Weekend Retreat 2008 - Weekend retreat for High School students which promotes a drug/alcohol/tobacco free lifestyle.